Blessings by Lady LLC  is a natural handmade whipped Shea Butter and Soap

Business that is focused on offering and delivering a personalized approach to

providing customers with quality skincare products.  

Our whipped Shea Butter consists of 100% raw African Shea

Butter and essential oils. Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer packed with

nutrients to heal, moisturize, and support skin of all types.   

Our handmade soap bars consist of pure glycerin, honey, and

essential oils. Glycerin is the natural humectant which locks moisture in the

skin and leaves the skin smooth and clean .  


 We use only essential

oils as fragrance for our products, we offer a variety of fragrances to support

mood and provide an aromatherapy experience, our fragrances vary from sweet and

invigorating to help wake up at start the day to herbal and calming to help unwind

and heal.